Okaloosa County Breweries

There are six (6) breweries in Okaloosa county, although two of these breweries have two locations within the county so there are eight different local breweries or brewpubs you could visit in the county. These include breweries in Niceville, Destin and Fort Walton Beach.

Notes: Props Ale House* is a secondary location to Props Brewery and collectively Props are counted as one brewery in the regional and state totals. 3rd Planet Brewing* conducts their primary brewing and tours at their "Mothership" location while the Launchpad is just a taproom.Although both 3rd Planet locations are listed, they collectively represent one brewery towards the county, regional and state totals. Beach Camp Brewing has Destin and Santa Rosa Beach locations, which count separately on the Okaloosa and Walton county lists, but count as one entry on the Panhandle region and state total brewery lists.

Planning your visit. Whether or not the following icons are present, you will know whether a given brewery:

| | Offers Brewery Tours  | | Sells Growlers To-Go  | | Has Beer Garden or Outside Seating  | | is Pet Friendly  | | Sells Pint Glasses  | | Sells Apparel and More  | | Has Restaurant On-site  | | Hosts Food Trucks  | | Allows Outside Food and Delivery

Okaloosa County Breweries

Brewery City Features More Info
3rd Planet Brewing - Mothership Niceville          
3rd Planet Brewing - Launchpad* Niceville        
Beach Camp Brewing Co. Destin
Destin Brewery Destin
Fort Walton Brewing Co. Fort Walton Beach
Props Ale House* Niceville    
Props Brewery & Grill Fort Walton Beach    
Strange Colt Brewery Niceville
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